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*Individuals under the age of 18
*Anyone pregnant or breast feeding

*Individuals with keloid, psoriasis, eczema around the brows

*Individuals on Accutane (You'll have to wait a year or advised by dr)

*Individuals undergoing active chemotherapy or radiotherapy
*Anyone with transmittable blood diseases (HIV, Hepatitis,etc)

*Please refrain from caffeine, alcohol, fish oils, and blood thinners 2 days prior
*If you had any chemical peels, used anything with glycol acid, retinol, or any products that cause sensitivity to your skin you are going to want to wait at least a month before doing this procedure.
*Avoid sun tanning or sunburning your face a week prior

*Do not wax or tint brows before the procedure
*Do not get botox on or around the area 4 weeks prior


You are not going to want to get your brows wet for at least a week. You  avoid any water/moisture on your brows. If the area accidentally gets wet from water, sweat, or oil, pat it dry with a clean tissue. On day two you can start to apply a layer of ointment with a q-tip twice a day up until a week if needed.

*Do not pick, scratch or rub the tattooed area

*Do not cover your brows with any material

*Do not work out for a week

*Do not apply makeup on the tattooed area until your tattoo has fully healed

*No swimming, hot tubs, hot yoga, saunas, tanning beds

*It usually takes from a week to two weeks to heal. During this period, you may experience minor redness, tenderness, swelling, scabbing, and itchiness.

*After the procedure the tattoo may or may not scab and will appear dark and unnatural. The tattoo will lighten up 40-60% depending on your skin type.

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