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Semi permanent makeup is the newest innovation and upgrade from traditional cosmetic tattoos. The procedure itself is only placed on the top layer of the skin making it less invasive than the traditional tattoo. Powder brows last from 1-3 years however its recommended that you come in every 6 months to a year to get a touch up to keep the color and style fresh.


Very soft & natural looking brows.

$550 (does not include 4-8 week touch up)

Cover-up/ Previously done brows $100+ added on

1st Touch Up @ 4-8 weeks: $100

Bi-Annual Touch Up: $150

(within 6 months or less)


Annual Touch Up: $225

(done between 7-14 months)


14+ Month Touch Up: $325

(done between 14-21 months)

21+ Month Touch Up: $425

(done between 21+ months)

Additional Touch Ups: $70


*No water on the brows for 7 days (or as long as you can)

*Do not exercise for a week

*If you get the brows wet, lightly pat dry

* Do not pick, scratch or rub the tattooed area

* Do not cover your brows with any material

* Do not apply makeup on the tattooed area until your tattoo has fully healed

* No swimming, hot tubs, hot yoga, saunas, tanning beds

* It usually takes from a week to two weeks to heal. During this period, you may experience minor redness, tenderness, swelling, scabbing, and itchiness.

* After the procedure the tattoo may or may not scab and will appear dark and unnatural. The tattoo will lighten up 40-60% depending on your skin type.

*Brows will appear to be light and patchy when healing

*Color of tattoo will begin to settle and come back

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