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- Avoid using any oil based make up or facial products around the eye area
- Keep lashes dry & avoid water on them 24-48 hours after your appointment - the longer the better!
- Do not pick or pull on your eyelash extensions
- Avoid extreme heat, sweat and saunas after your appointment. Sauna usage will cause lashes to shed faster.
- Cleanse lashes daily with a gentle foam cleanser + lint free applicator. We recommend letting your lashes soak for 30 seconds each eye, lightly dab to dry.

- If you work out a lot or have oily/combination skin we recommend cleaning your lashes every day or two! This will help with your retention
- Sleeping on your back is highly recommended with extensions. Be careful when sleeping on your side as you can smush your extensions causing premature fall out!
(you will lose more lashes on whichever side you sleep on most)
- Brush lightly when needed! Don’t over brush lashes if its not needed
- Don’t worry when you lose an extension with your natural lash, this is all a part of the shedding cycle. A new lash will be growing in after so don't freak out!

- Lash fills are highly recommended every 2 weeks for an hour to maintain fullness

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